Above, Lawrence being interviewed by Doug Paggit at the National Church Leadership Institute. Below, Lawrence being interviewed by Jay Bakker.

Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson is a Pastor at Linden Hills United Church of Christ, a self proclaimed Digital Evangelist, and a Leadership Coach with the Center for Progressive Renewal. When he is not traveling, he uses multiple online platforms to minister to followers that span the globe. Lawrence has been featured in publications such as the Salt Collective, Huffington Post Religion and The Root, and is the recipient of service awards including the Humanitarian Award from Black Transmen Inc., was a 2014 Trans 100 honoree, and a 2017 Transgender Stellar Awards Nominee for his work in digital communications. 

Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson, Pastor, MAR 1. What is one of the techniques that you find useful for reducing or...

Posted by FORGE on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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“Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.“ ~ Lawrence Richardson.From this weeks This is radio cast https://t.co/5yMb7ZGOXJ #Transgender #equality

Post by Jay Bakker.

Lawrence Tanner Richardson

I Know What Heaven Looks Like:

A Modern Day Coming of Age Story

by Lawrence T. Richardson‚Äč