Lawrence Tanner Richardson

‚ÄčFormerly LaTeasha Richardson, Lawrence Richardson grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and felt called to serve in ministry since he was a child. He spent many years overcoming personal battles and trying to fit into churches that were exclusive and unwelcoming. In 2007, Lawrence saw a television commercial that changed his life. The commercial featured a community of diverse people being rejected from the church and ended with the message, "God doesn't reject people and neither do we!" View Commercial Here 

Shortly thereafter, Lawrence serendipitously got connected to a United Church of Christ community, the denomination responsible for the television commercial, and he experienced spiritual transformation. He realized that his inner turmoil was because of trying to suppress his identity instead of allowing God to love him completely and entirely. Over the next few years, Lawrence underwent a spiritual journey that taught him to love himself as an extension of the Still-Speaking God. After a series of life changes and a process of discernment, in 2010, Lawrence medically transitioned from female to male. As the result of embracing his identity as a transgender, queer-identified person, Lawrence's life and light has grown immensely. Love flows in him and through him. He says the source for the love and joy he feels leaping within is from God and now it is his life's mission to share the love and joy he has with the world. 

He says, "I used to be a miserable person...physically sick and depressed all the time; and if I can be transformed and made whole by the Love of God, anyone can be! God is LOVE, and that love is for EVERYBODY! When you let the love of God flow in you and through you, life becomes possible!"

"You ARE the physical manifestation of LOVE in the world!"

Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson, Pastor, MAR 1. What is one of the techniques that you find useful for reducing or...

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“Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.“ ~ Lawrence Richardson.From this weeks This is radio cast #Transgender #equality

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Click here or on the link below to listen to the podcast interview with Jay Bakker where Lawrence goes in depth about his journey.